August 9, 2007

2 BTN in Ruhr 1 - Hammer and Anvil

After Hurtgen Forrest we were withdrawn for some R&R. We engaged some German Patrols that we throw back. The German Ardennes Offensive failed and we moved back into Germany and the Ruhr area. By the end of February the 309th Infantry Regiment had been cut off after entering Ruhrberg and the 2 BTN were called in to the rescue.

Alpha company moved in on a northern rout while Bravo took a more southern path. We had a level 3 Hill in front of us with a Forrest on its hill sides. German sniper activity took out two of our leaders, one from Alpha Company and one Artillery spotter. Any OBA assistance was out of the question now.

We managed to clear the Hill and moved on. The 309th moved towards us and clearly took some casualties. After more fighting we met up with 309. Together we cleared the sector and took up positions at the river bank, awaiting any German counter attack. It never came. Our mission was completed.