January 3, 2010

GSASL and Red Barricades update

It's been a while since my last posting so here we start 2010 with a small update.

The Cyrenaica campaign suffered from Hans and mine work load. Our jobs sometimes made it impossible to meet up and continue the DAK campaign in a way that was necessey for the GSASL campaign. At end of september we were finaly at a good spot to send out new orders. Now our problem is commanders dropping out. We will see were we are when all mission AARs are in.

My Red Barricades SASL CG project is progressing well. I've made some changes to the rules and tables. Among other stuff I've tweaked the roof top rules taking care of some problems whith generation of Suspect counters. Right now I'm looking into AFV generation in advance Attitude in Bog Terrain.

I wish all SASL players a great playing year.