July 30, 2009

New Red Barricades SASL rules in development

As I told you in previous post I am redeveloping the RB SASL rules. The development has progressed well and feals right. I've made some changes that makes the ENEMY harder to beat and an challange to take on. My own playtest of my new mission went well and it's out for playtest by other players. Myslef I've started a Campaign playtest and chose CGIV as my choice of CG. I'm commanding the Russians as the Germans attack the Barrikady. Te Germans have taken a great deal of buildings and I'm feeling the presure. As the campaign develops I'll let you know how the rules work.

This is after the russian turn 2.

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July 13, 2009

In development - New SASL material

If you are a frequent visitor to the Gamesquadforum then you probably know that there are two SASL projects in playtest. The first is rules and missions for the Valor of the Guards module and a new type of rules which make it possible to play the four CGs included in the module.

The second is rules and tables for the Finns that will be included in the long awaited Hakka Pälle module. As they are in progress I can't say much about them but they are really well done.

What not many know about is that there are a third SASL project in playtest. It is new rules to be able to play the four existing CGs for Red Barricades. This one I run and it is based on the SASL CG rules for the VotG module. I have MMPs blessing to go ahead with this and I trully enjoy it. The playtest team has given me great comments and the development has a nice flow. I have also made some new missions and with the information that the books from the last couple of years gives on the Barrikady Fighting, there are a lot of material to base the development of Missions on. I intend to add a few new missions to this and the first one I recently playtested myself. It's called "When the Hunted became the Hunter" and takes place in late december when the Russians try to brake through from the encirclement to the south and recapture the Commissar House. So far I'm very pleased and will talk in later postings on new rules and other stuff that makes this run well. Below are a picture from my playtest of my new Mission.