March 20, 2008

141 Russian Cavalry BTN in Bessarabia 3 - Countermove

3 July 1941. Our orders for today was to flank our positions and search for Romanians entering our beloved Moldavia.

After Action Report
Company diary B Rota 141 Cavalry Batalyon 176 Strelkovaya DivisiyaCommunication are reestablished with Battalion HQ. We moved in on our flank and setup positions to surprise any Romanians daring to come this way.

9.30 Our positions were taken control of. Now the Romanians are welcome to try come this way.

11.30 No Romanians yet but we can hear tanks rumbling so they must be near by.

15.00 First Romanians were spotted. A short fire fight broke out with the surprised Romanians. We took Prisoners and killed of some woods. A Romanian R-1(t) were spotted. He had obviously problem with his CMG as he stopped and tried to do something with his tank a safe distance from our weapons.

Nothing more happened as the Romanians withdrew.

Losses: None

Trophies: 20 men and an officer captured

Log details: AC=3, Romanian RE 5/6, Russian RE= 4/5,