January 11, 2009

New GSASL Campaign Cyrenaica 1941

It time for a new GSASL campaign. This time we are heading for the desert and the campaign starts at the historic date og 29 mars 1941. There will be three divisions, the German 5 Leichte, the Italian 27 Brescia and the British 2nd Armoured. I will be Campaign Master for the Italian Brescia and it is the first time I will act as a CM. This will be great fun and we have been given permission to try out Desert SASL rules modified for the GSASL campiagn. This will be great fun.

The campaign will start very soon and I will be reporting on its progress in several ways so keep your eyes out for more soon.

January 2, 2009

Bessarabia Campaign has ended

The Bessarabia Campaign has been over for some time now but I haven't had the time to write about my results. This time I will make an abstract of the five last missions of the campaign and give you an idea of how they went.

Mission 6 - Escape
We were ordered to harras the Romanian flank an impose as much casualties as possible. We made some progress but lost the mission due to an armored counterattack which both stopped us and gave us some casualties. We had to withdraw.

Mission 7 - Recon
On the 7th of july we were ordered to recon our flanks and stop any Romanian we stumbled upon. We moved out in two groups reconing the area and found a small group in a building. They were swiftly dealt with and we continued our mission. Another building containing a small Romanian force fortified with a AT Gun was encountered a few hours later. Also this building was attacked.We had some casualties here but could neutrulise them and occupy the building. No more Romanians enetred our area. Mission victory.

Mission 8 - Interception
On the 8th of july our orders were to delay any Romanian advancing units that we encountered.
We moved in position and had our MMGs and 81mm MTR positioned in the middle of our sector to have good protection but also good LOS. We ere expecting Romanian tanks and that worried us as we only had our mortars and ATRs to fight them. We als hd some Batallion Oba to help.
At 10.30 we saw he first Romanians approach. They were advancing carefully and we managed to stop them. More and more Romanians entered the scen as time went by and the first Tanks appeared and moved towards our MMg and mortar nests. We got some lucky hits by the mortars and two tanks were eliminated, one burning. And then a very well placed shot by our ATR crew burned a R-35(f) Romanian tank. More bravey was showed by our infantry. They took on a LT vz 35(g) tank in Close Combat and got it eliminated. Great work. Only a small part of the Romanians managed to get by our lines.

Mission 9 - Take the Highway prolonged
We moved on the ENEMY to harras them along the highway. We found a few hidden in some buildings and they were easily taken out. As moved further along the road we found more Romanians garding some buildings and the road. They were to become more of a diffucult struggle then anticpated. The Roamnians had a well placed R-1(t) with an excellent MG gunner that picked out several of our men. We tried to move around but the time just wasn’t there. We had to withdraw. We also had big problems with our weapons that got stuck continouesly or ammunition that were duds. this missin was a great loss.

Mission 10 - Cavalry Charge
As we moved towards the Front line we were attacked by ENEMY Cavalry who charged us at full speed. We found our position to be very unfavorable so we swiftly took cover in a wooded area and could let our firepower lose on the charging cavalry. We managed to stop the charge and killed a lot of Romanians in the process. Sudently Romanian Armored support appeared so we had to withdraw to better positions. The Tanks moved passed our forces bur suppresed our firering MMGs and finaly took out them. In the meantime we managed the stop the remaining Romanian cavalry and we do consider this a success. The Romanians were stoped. Narrow victory.

In total the Russain side won the campaign by 2 points. It was great fun and I highly recomend SASL played in this manner. I gives you a lot of fun in new situations.

See you in the next GSASL campaign.