September 2, 2007

2 BTN in Ruhr 2 - Crush and Clear

The date is 7 march 45 and we are attached to the 38th Infantry Regiment moving near Altenahr west of Remagen. Our orders are to clear the area west of the river Rhine of supply columns and depots of the German 5th Fallshirmjäger Division.

After Action Report.
We had a clear picture of our segment. To be able to stop all columns we had to move fast due to the fact that the terrain gave the Germans protection.

We moved in on the rear of the column and destroyed that part swiftly. As we moved forward we encountered some heavy resistance in the village. That made our troops hesitate a bit, which was enough for the front of the column to escape. Now fierce street fighting took place and the company commander had to encourage to troops to make the result we wanted faster.

The resisting Germans were neutralized and several prisoners were taken. Depots in the city were captured and we moved forward to take up positions on the Hills.

Lessons learned:

  • Watch out for the PSKs and PFs. They have a great chance of destroying your vehicles.
  • Command Rules sometimes makes it hard to move forward.
  • Street fighting will always be bloody.