January 3, 2008

Bessarabia Campaign 141 Cavalry Coy

The new GSASL campaign has started and here is my first AAR.

After Action Report
Friendly ELR: 2
Friendly SAN: 3
Friendly RE: 2/3

Russian VP: 24
Romanian VP: 12

The Romanians were attacking and our orders were to fall back to the Prut River without any significant losses in lives. As we were positioned on a woody hillside with bad sighting locations we moved backwards as fast as possible setting up small spotting nests and to put up delaying actions making the withdrawal as safe as possible. It started out good and by Turn three we had got in positions and made our first contacts with the Romanians.

We discovered some infiltrators in the area and fire fights broke out nearly encircling a part of the company. Two T34 M40 from the 188th Tank Battalion arrived and was pushed forward to help slow the Romanians down as more and more Romanian AFVs appeared. Brave Russian soldiers managed to get in some good shots with ATRs that took out an OA vz 30(t) and immobilized a LT vz 35(g).

The Romanians moved in more troops and AFVs and we had to abandon the delaying positions and move as fast as possible over the river and establish a defensive position. In the process a T60 M40 had problems and was caught up by a LT vz 35(t) and destroyed. The men in the T60 tried hard to fight back and gave their lives to the retreating men. We managed to get across and no more men were lost in fighting although a platoon leader and a squad were taken prisoners when the bridge was blown into pieces prematurely.

My company is in good shape and we are awaiting further orders from Division HQ.

Kapitan Holmquist