February 17, 2009

German Schwere Coy 1 Btn/5 PzRgt/5 Div - Pursuit

Oberleutnant Holmquist, Schwere Coy 1 / Btn I / PzRgt 5 / Div 5

After Action Report
Mission: Pursuit [SASL/TSASL/DSASL Mission 15]
Enemy: British King’s Dragoon Guards Recon Btn
Date: 1941 MarchLocation: South East of El Agheila, Cyrenaica, North Africa
Result: Victory! [Friendly VP=75, Enemy VP=14]

Report: Our orders were to chase the British King’s Dragoon Guards Recon unit and drive them out of Cyrenaica using the momentum of capturing El Agheila.

We took use of afternoon sun and attacked the britisk retreating along the road to Benghazi. Dividing the forces in three groups we attack what looked like a long strait line at start. Finding British rear guards on the road we made a strong strait on attack and simultaniously trying to envelope the Britts from north and south.

Our first encounter was a A13 MkI who took out one of our Pz IVD with a well placed shot. We stoped and fired from several positions and after not that few bounce offs a kill was secured. No one came out allive. We pushed on and the enveloping pushed on. Now a new tank, a Matilda II appeared along with some 2 pounder guns. Those are really leathal and we had to use smoke dispencers to protect us. The fight became intense and we managed to get some of those 2 pounders in overruns. The attack along the road and to the south got stuck in fire fights. At the same time the northern enveloping made progress. Although a 25 pounder appeared to frighten us it was quickly take out of action and later destroyed. Managing to get arround the Matilda we finaly got a shot that took it out of action. Those men fought bravely and took out another 3 Pz IVD from us in our attemped to get around it. Shortly after the Matilda who had placed himself on the bridge over a wadi the bridge was destroyed by the Britts. We never had the chance to find any demolition charges on that bridge. Now our pioneers have some work to do.

German Losses:
4x Pz IVD w/ crews
1x 2-4-7

British Losses:
1x A13 MkI w/ crew
1x Matilda II w/ crew
1x A10 MkI CS w/ crew
1x 25mm Hotchkiss
1x 2-ponuder
1x 25-pounder
1x 3in. Mortar
3x 4-4-7 MMC
1x 4-5-7 MMC
1x 4-5-8 MMC
8x Crews.