August 11, 2011

VotG and RB SASL - Update August

New update version of the rules just in with latest changes discovered in play test. There are also a nice addition to the rules regarding the Friendly Random Event possibilty. I like this new addition were you have to pay CPP in order to get the possibilty to get a RE. Playtetst should show how it works.

Here is the progress in my ongoing CGII. I'm the Russian player while the SASL System is the German Enemy.

The first picture shows the Front Line after the first scenario. The German ENEMY pushed me back in several places.

The second picture shows the situation after the second scenario. The German ENEMY managed to extend their Front Line quit a bit and my forces are very stretched. Fortunately the third day became an Idle day so I'm ready to stop the next attack and counter attack in the night.

July 23, 2011

VotG and RB SASL - Update July

The playtest of the VotG SASL CGs showed that some changes needed to be done. We will continue the playtest to seek out even more tweaks. We are very close to call it "ready for MMP".

Two new Red Barricades missions are through playtest. Mission r5 and r6 are done and now r7 get the attention.

Here are a picture of my playtest of VotG CGII scenario 2.

February 20, 2011

VotG and RB SASL - Progress

Looks like the playtesting of the VotG Missions are done. They are great and offers an intense gaming experience for the SASL player in the central Stalingrad. We are now going through the rules to seek out errors and wordings to make it a good text document as well.

The Red Barricades Missions are also out on a new round of playtest. So far mission r5 has gott some great tests and that resultet in some revisions. I'm testing Mission r6 at the moment and it feels good. Below there are a picture of my playtest from VASL at the early stages of the mission.