December 28, 2010

VotG and RB SASL - Update


lots of play test going on. Toms Missions are being done one by one and we are down to 1 or two more tests.

I've sent out my new RB Missions for play test and they need to be corrected and balanced. I hope to be able to wrap up this SASL project in the firsty quater of 2011.

November 4, 2010

VotG and RB SASL - Progress


the work on the VotG SASL rules progresses nicely and there has been som tweaking of the rules that I have to say made them much better and fluid. Tom made some decissions to scrap new rules that were specialy made for VotG SASL and go with the Standard SASL rules instead. I will incorporate these changes into the RB variant shortly and call for some mission playtestings using the new alterations.

Myself I'm currently working on playtesting the VotG v1 Mission and has started a second playtest as the Russian player.

August 2, 2010

GSASL, VotG SASL and RB SASL update

It's been a while and I think it is time to update my blog. I have a lot of SASL stuff going on. I'll run you through them to let you know of new stuff happening and update you on the progress of others.

GSASL: Our Cyranaica campaign had to be put to rest. There was not enough interest to let it continue. Lesson learned was that having a DAKII campaign running parallel made the whole thing take too long before the company commanders get their missions. Hans Mielants and I have started a Stalingrad campaign where we are using the VotG module as a base and have just ended mission 2. We are waiting some Battalion commanders AAR to get the campaign get through to mission 3. Here is a link to Hans Stalingrad GSASL Campaign Site . Give us a line if you are interested in joining.

VotG SASL: I'm play testing mission v4 "The Department Store" now as a Russian encircled unit in September of 1942. It is great fun and I'm having a hard time. The Germans are closing in even if I got a RE saying that the German attack is slacking.

Here is a picture of my ongoing Playtest.

RB SASL: I've also continued my RB SASL CG and it is very pleasing results so far. Everything works fine and the ENEMY is pressing hard on my Factories. It is time consuming playing a CG but very rewarding. :)

Here is a picture of my playtest of CGIV scenario 3

I have also several other Historical modules in the making for being able to play it using the SASL rules. Not just MMP material but others as well. When there is something to show you I'll post it here.

Take care

July 1, 2010


I've been doing some testing for Toms VotG SASL lately. It's coming along quit nicely. I had a ball testing Mission 2. We did some changes that made it more challanging and balanced. I will tackle a new mission shortly.

Here is a picture from my test as a German attacking on the 14th of september 1942.

April 7, 2010

Red Barricades SASL CGIV

I'm play testing the new SASL rules for Red Barricades by playing CGIV as Russian. It's been great fun so far and the rules have worked fine. The initial scenario, 25 October I was mostly busy trying to stop the Germans from gaining too much. The scenario was won by me. Good amount of reinforcements made it possible to hold on to enough Factories on the 26 October not to lose the CG. The Germans gained a lot of stone locations and had an easy win. The 27 October fortunately was an Idle day and I could reinforce my front line even more. I think I have enough manpower to stop the Germans from getting 14 Factories now but a lot can still happen. They do have captured 9 so far.

I'm having a blast playtesting and I know the guys in my play test team have as well.

Here is a picture of the perimeter after Scenario 2.

January 3, 2010

GSASL and Red Barricades update

It's been a while since my last posting so here we start 2010 with a small update.

The Cyrenaica campaign suffered from Hans and mine work load. Our jobs sometimes made it impossible to meet up and continue the DAK campaign in a way that was necessey for the GSASL campaign. At end of september we were finaly at a good spot to send out new orders. Now our problem is commanders dropping out. We will see were we are when all mission AARs are in.

My Red Barricades SASL CG project is progressing well. I've made some changes to the rules and tables. Among other stuff I've tweaked the roof top rules taking care of some problems whith generation of Suspect counters. Right now I'm looking into AFV generation in advance Attitude in Bog Terrain.

I wish all SASL players a great playing year.