December 27, 2006

2nd Ranger BTN in Belgium 2 - Prelude

New orders have arrived. We have been attached to CCA/5th Armoured Division and we will move to Northeast Belgium and act as a reserve to General Gerow’s V Corps fighting in the Hürtgen Forest. Any German disturbances will be fended of promptly. Due to the fact that the front is not consolidated we expect to encounter recon elements from LXXIV Corps’ Aufklährungsabteilung.

GSASL mission Recon encounter will be conducted.

December 13, 2006

2 BTN in Belgium 1 - Night Interrogation Part2

The heavy fighting in the dark continued for a while. We managed to creep up and knock out a Pz III/IV with one shot. This made the Germans a bit indecisive and we took advantage of the situation. More prisoners where taken and the fighting diminished and the Germans had to withdraw. Miraculessly we came out of the fight without loosing a single man. A few wounds including the mission CO. We know this is only the beginning and we wount be as fortunate in the days to come.

November 29, 2006

2nd Ranger Battalion in Belgium 1 - Night Interrogation

As my first posting I decided to write about my current SASL campaign. It is a GSASL campaign where I am commanding Task Force HOL in the 2nd Ranger Battalion. As I progress I will post my reports as a regular item in this blog. I hope you will find it interesting.

We have just left Brittany after smashing the Germans and find ourselves in Belgium and the Ardennes Forest. Our first mission is to move along the German lines and try to determine the number and identity of the German units in front of us. We are to set out on a Patrol in the night and try to capture and interrogate German units. The mission played is (8) Patrol with some changes like night and interrogation rules.

AAR: At 0200 we went on a Patrol towards the German lines. When we turned around a corner of a road leading towards the German lines we encountered a German Patrol. We moved into the woods and tried to set up some traps in the wooded area on the hills as we knew there were some panzer's around. A few Germans went right into our trap and we managed to capture them. They turned out to belong to the 7th Army and the 347th Infantry division. Fierce fighting are taking place at the moment as we are trying to stop counter attacks.

To be continued .....

November 28, 2006

Blog launch

Welcome to my blog. This is a blog dedicated to SASL. It will contain various articles regarding SASL like GSASL, AARs, rules, play aids, development etc.

I have wanted to put together a blog for SASLers and ASLers for some time. I hope to be able to contribute to the SASL/ASL community. I’ve been playing SASL for several years and could call me a veteran. My first blogging will be on my ongoing GSASL campaign. Come back in a few days time for more on that subject.