November 28, 2006

Blog launch

Welcome to my blog. This is a blog dedicated to SASL. It will contain various articles regarding SASL like GSASL, AARs, rules, play aids, development etc.

I have wanted to put together a blog for SASLers and ASLers for some time. I hope to be able to contribute to the SASL/ASL community. I’ve been playing SASL for several years and could call me a veteran. My first blogging will be on my ongoing GSASL campaign. Come back in a few days time for more on that subject.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jorgen,

Nice blog--good to see one dedicated solely to SASL.
Have this one bookmarked with my ASL links.
May want to add in the link to the SASL QRDC (which I posted at Extreme-gamer ASL forum.)

Mark Drake

Jorgen said...

Thanks. I will put the link to the QRDC in the link section.