November 14, 2007

2 BTN in Ruhr 3 - Flak Hunt

This was sadly the last mission with the US Rangers. Date is now 15 April 1945 and the war has almost ended. This last mission was going to be a tough one, clearing the town of Darmstadt. Lots of houses was supposed to house a lot of Flak Guns. Lots of intense house fighting to be expected.

After Action Report

Friendly ELR: 4
Friendly SAN: 2
Friendly RE: 4/5


Darmstadt houses a lot of Flak that annoys our Air Force. We are to move in and clear the city. The Germans have low moral but could stubbornly fight back and slow our progress down. We intend to move carefully and clear building by building not spreading out to much.

We moved towards the VPO and met first resistance. It was swiftly taken out and the first Gun was captured. Next we approached the VPO with the main force while half of Bravo Company moved in a north westerly direction to scout out the buildings block by block. Approaching the first VPO we got a leader in Alpha company KIAd by sniper fire.

We then moved in on the first VPO building and the boys started to fight for the control. The Germans resisted well but we managed to get the VPO section by section. The Germans really gave us a hard time an the progress was slow. Room by room had to be fougt for but the Germans surrendered group by group. Only fear kept them from surrendering directly. The Nazi propaganda had made its way but war tiredness finaly got the better out of them.

After securing the VPO we moved further out in the city to look for more Flak. The VPO housed two and there were more to be captured. When the game ended we had cleared pretty much a third of the city and more Flaks were out of action. It was a close one but we managed to capture a lot of Germans making he day a good day for the Rangers.

This was it with the Rangers. It has been a truly great time to be part of the US Rangers GSASL Capmpaign. There are a new campaign lurking in the dark so stay tuned for the next GSASL experience.

Signing out Major Holmquist, US Rangers 2 Battalion commander TF Holmquist