October 16, 2012

New projects in development

Since handing in the Red Barricades SASL CG rules I done some new development projects. So far I've come quite a way on Pegasus Bridge SASL rules, Blood Reef:Tarawa SASL rules and Berlin Fall of the Third Reich/Final Days SASL rules. There will be SASL rules adaptations and clarifications, rules for making the CGs playable using SASL rules, new tables and new missions. I'll keep you posted on the development and when I'll recruit playtesters.

June 23, 2012

VotG and RB SASL has been handed in

It has really been a while since my last posting on this blog, I've been far too busy to manage it but now there are some openings in my calender.

I'm pleased to announce that the VotG SASL rules and the new RB SASL rules has been handed in to MMP. We are hoping they will be published soon and that they will bring new life into the SASL community.

I'm now looking into new SASL projects, there are several in the making, and we will see what will come out next from my development vein. It depends on my own wishes and others requests. I'll let you know as I progress.