April 7, 2010

Red Barricades SASL CGIV

I'm play testing the new SASL rules for Red Barricades by playing CGIV as Russian. It's been great fun so far and the rules have worked fine. The initial scenario, 25 October I was mostly busy trying to stop the Germans from gaining too much. The scenario was won by me. Good amount of reinforcements made it possible to hold on to enough Factories on the 26 October not to lose the CG. The Germans gained a lot of stone locations and had an easy win. The 27 October fortunately was an Idle day and I could reinforce my front line even more. I think I have enough manpower to stop the Germans from getting 14 Factories now but a lot can still happen. They do have captured 9 so far.

I'm having a blast playtesting and I know the guys in my play test team have as well.

Here is a picture of the perimeter after Scenario 2.