November 4, 2010

VotG and RB SASL - Progress


the work on the VotG SASL rules progresses nicely and there has been som tweaking of the rules that I have to say made them much better and fluid. Tom made some decissions to scrap new rules that were specialy made for VotG SASL and go with the Standard SASL rules instead. I will incorporate these changes into the RB variant shortly and call for some mission playtestings using the new alterations.

Myself I'm currently working on playtesting the VotG v1 Mission and has started a second playtest as the Russian player.


Luke Sineath said...

Neat! I've been following your blog for a little while, but am only now dipping my toes into SASL. It seems like a lot of work to play SASL, but I've found that using VASL makes it much easier. The hardest part so far is the fact that there isn't another player there to help me make sure I'm doing it right...

Jorgen said...

Hi Luke,

Once you've learned the ropes of SASL it becomes easier. Using VASL absolutely makes it much much easier. You can play as much or as little you have time for and save the game until next time. Try to find a SASL buddy who can teach you the game play or even play some missions together with you against the system. I have done so for a couple of years with a friend of mine in Canada and right now we are play testing the CG rules for VotG SASL by playing both as the Germans against the Russians. We devide the German forces between us build two task forces who try to take on the Russians. I could start to post our scenarios here to show you how we do it.
You could tru to find someone on the Gamesquad forum in the SASL section who could help you the same way as I have done with my Canadian friend.