August 2, 2010

GSASL, VotG SASL and RB SASL update

It's been a while and I think it is time to update my blog. I have a lot of SASL stuff going on. I'll run you through them to let you know of new stuff happening and update you on the progress of others.

GSASL: Our Cyranaica campaign had to be put to rest. There was not enough interest to let it continue. Lesson learned was that having a DAKII campaign running parallel made the whole thing take too long before the company commanders get their missions. Hans Mielants and I have started a Stalingrad campaign where we are using the VotG module as a base and have just ended mission 2. We are waiting some Battalion commanders AAR to get the campaign get through to mission 3. Here is a link to Hans Stalingrad GSASL Campaign Site . Give us a line if you are interested in joining.

VotG SASL: I'm play testing mission v4 "The Department Store" now as a Russian encircled unit in September of 1942. It is great fun and I'm having a hard time. The Germans are closing in even if I got a RE saying that the German attack is slacking.

Here is a picture of my ongoing Playtest.

RB SASL: I've also continued my RB SASL CG and it is very pleasing results so far. Everything works fine and the ENEMY is pressing hard on my Factories. It is time consuming playing a CG but very rewarding. :)

Here is a picture of my playtest of CGIV scenario 3

I have also several other Historical modules in the making for being able to play it using the SASL rules. Not just MMP material but others as well. When there is something to show you I'll post it here.

Take care

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GVMJ said...

Excellent! You men must have a lot of brain to keep it going!