July 30, 2009

New Red Barricades SASL rules in development

As I told you in previous post I am redeveloping the RB SASL rules. The development has progressed well and feals right. I've made some changes that makes the ENEMY harder to beat and an challange to take on. My own playtest of my new mission went well and it's out for playtest by other players. Myslef I've started a Campaign playtest and chose CGIV as my choice of CG. I'm commanding the Russians as the Germans attack the Barrikady. Te Germans have taken a great deal of buildings and I'm feeling the presure. As the campaign develops I'll let you know how the rules work.

This is after the russian turn 2.

Until next time



GVMJ said...

Congratulations for your excellent blog about ASL. I´m trying to play this "monster" since 1998.

Gerson Monteiro,

Jorgen said...

Thanks Gerson,

interested in trying the new rules?