January 12, 2007

2nd Ranger BTN in Belgium 2 - Recon encounter

AAR from our mission Recon encountered.

On our way to General Gerow's V Armored Division we run into a German Recon unit that attacked us immediately. They were mounted on SPW 250/1 and SPW 251/1 halftracks with several recon vehicles attached. As we moved down the road they stormed down the hillside towards us. We spread our forces along the roadside and tried to as god positions as possible, both with god LOS and coverage. Going downwards the German halftracks didn't have any problem with the vast amount of wire fences that were al over the open field. When they reach the lower ground they got into problems and several of them bogged down. This made it easier for us to pin them down and to take out several of the recon vehicles.
A new German recon unit suddenly emerged from the woods further north but they never imposed a threat to us. After some heavy fighting we had stopped them and at the field in front of us there were wrecked vehicles and even some in panic abandoned recon vehicles. Our journey to Hürtgen Forest could continue.

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