December 2, 2007

New GSASL Campaign - Bessarabia

In the next few days the playing of missions of the new GSASL Campaign - Bessarabia will have started. As the long going GSASL Campaign portraying the US Rangers ended last month Charles Kruzshak and Hans Mielants revealed that they were planning a new and much shorter Campaign. Recruiting started and now it's time to get going.

The Campaign will have Companies on both side, the Romanian and the Russian and the side with the most points at the end will be the winner. The Campaign portrays the battle in July 1941 and will end at the end of next year.

I will participate myself as both the Commander of the Russian 2nd Rifle Battalion of the 389th Rifle Regiment in the 176 Rifle Division and as the Company Commander of the B Company in the 141 Cavalry Battalion in the 176 Rifle Division. I will post AARs and reports on my blog.

To the Bessarabia Campaign Site:

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