February 20, 2016

Tigers on the Hunt

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. I've been busy on different projects, some SASL and mostly Tigers on the Hunt. Tigers on the Hunt, TotH is a computer game that is greatly inspired by ASL. Peter Fisla is the developer and I've been helping him out discussing rules, play testing and created the scenario that will come with the released game. The release is near, February 25th and I've done some tutorials for the players to watch in the mean time. Below is a Gameplay Video that will show you a bit of the game.

and here is a link to the Game page on MatrixGames: Tigers on the Hunt



Chris Doary said...

The FOW aspect of this game is appealing.

Is there a provision for head-to-head play versus an opponent other than the AI?

Either way, I'll pass the news on to a friend who plays a lot of other games solitaire (although not ASL, which he plays ftf on VASL).

Thanks for sharing,


Jorgen said...

There is a "Hot Seat" choice for every scenario. When you start a scenario you get to choose Humans vs Computer or Human vs Human.

Chris Doary said...


Thanks Jorgen.