August 7, 2008

141 Russian Cavalry BTN in Bessarabia 4 - Cavalry Night Raid

4 July 1941. Our orders for today was to make a night raid into the ENEMY lines and create a stirr up.

After Action Report
04.00 We approached the roamnian lines and were a bit behind the front line. Our scouts had discoverd to camps containing Tanks. This could be a night camp for an Armored Battalion or a depo for service of the Tanks. We devided our Capmany into two groups to be able to make a surprise attack.

At 04.15 we hit the first camp. A week sentrie force were guarding the camp and was swiftly taken out as was some tank crews trying to get to the tanks.

At 04.20 the other camp was attacked. The first base was neutrulised rather quicly and we started to get those tanks out of action. We moved the rest of the first groups forces swiftly to the second camp to assist in the attack. The second camp also had a weak defence force that was easy taken out of action. The Romanians never had a chance to counter attack and we could get to work on those tanks as well.

The job was quickly done and we could start our return at 05.00 when the light strated to show it self.

Losses: No Losses

Tanks destroyed: 4x R-35(f), 3x LT vz 35(g), 1x FT-17C(f), 1x R-1(t)

Log details: AC=3, Romanian RE 2/3 at start, Russian RE= NA,

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