August 7, 2008

141 Russian Cavalry BTN in Bessarabia 5 - City Defence

5 July 1941. Our orders for today was to defend the city of Bratuseni.

After Action Report
07.00 Our orders in the defence of Bratuseni was to cover the suburbs, screen and slow down the Romanian advance. We had established two defencelines to slow down the Romanians if they broke through the first line. It seams that the Romanians chosed a different way into the city at first but then there was a few units approaching, but they must have been reconing units. We had some skirmishing fights before a group of Romanians attacked a building block to the south east of our first defence line. They attacked in such a way that they must have benn berserk or something. They managed to get a long way before we could wipe them out. Our OBA support was useless today as they were canceled almost immediately. Fortunately we didn’t get that much Romanians in our sector but this could have been a disaster.

Losses: A SWT TEAM

Trophies: Captured a ATR 20L

Log details: AC=3, Romanian RE 4/5 at start, Russian RE= 5/6,

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